MCAS Yuma Directory

MCAS Yuma Operator (Directory Assistance): 928-269-2252

MCAS Yuma Commissary: 928-269-2245

MCAS Yuma Exchange: 928-269-2747

MCAS Yuma Billeting Office (BEQ/BOQ): 928-269-3578

MCAS Yuma Loding – Dos Rios Inn: 928-269-2262

MCAS Yuma Fitness Center: 928-269-2727

MCAS Yuma Barber Shop: 928-269-2115

MCAS Yuma Branch Medical Clinic: 928-269-2772 or Appointments: 928-269-2700

MCAS Yuma Dental Clinic: 928-269-2353

MCAS Yuma Movie Schedule: 928-269-2358

MCAS Yuma Child Development Center: 928-269-2350

Request a number

If there is a number you’re always looking for and can never find please shoot us an email and we’ll research the number and post it for you.  Remember, there are many more numbers listed on the Military Traveler smartphone app and the Camp Pendleton Directory  app.  Both are available for free on the iTunes App Store and the Android Market Place.