MCAS Yuma Operator

MCAS Yuma Operator (Directory Assistance): 928-269-2252

MCAS Yuma Commissary: 928-269-2245

MCAS Yuma Exchange: 928-269-2747

MCAS Yuma Billeting Office (BEQ/BOQ): 928-269-3578

MCAS Yuma Loding – Dos Rios Inn: 928-269-2262

MCAS Yuma Fitness Center: 928-269-2727

MCAS Yuma Barber Shop: 928-269-2115

MCAS Yuma Branch Medical Clinic: 928-269-2772 or Appointments: 928-269-2700

MCAS Yuma Dental Clinic: 928-269-2353

MCAS Yuma Movie Schedule: 928-269-2358

MCAS Yuma Child Development Center: 928-269-2350

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